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What is modified starch


Starch is a natural polymer compound of polysaccharides formed by polycondensation of glucose. It is a renewable substance with the most abundant sources in nature. It is degradable and will not pollute the environment. There are a large number of reactive hydroxyl groups in its molecular chain, which provides a structural basis for the modification of starch. Modified starch is based on the inherent characteristics of natural starch. In order to improve the performance of starch and expand its application range, physical, chemical or enzymatic treatment is used to introduce new functional groups on starch molecules or change the size and size of starch molecules. The properties of starch granules, thereby changing the natural characteristics of starch, making it more suitable for certain application requirements. Now there are more and more varieties of modified starch, and its uses are becoming wider and wider, and it is widely used in various fields, which brings great convenience to our life and work.

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