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The Application of Modified Starch in Conditioned Meat Products -- Jinan SPARK


Modified starch has many applications in meat products, but many friends are not very familiar with its specific functions. Today, Shandong Fupeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of modified starch, will give a brief introduction to you.

Wrapping powder is a type of pre mixed powder, which is made by adding thickeners, seasonings, colorants, and other additives to flour or starch as the main ingredient. Its main function is to increase the added value of the product.

Pulp powder can be divided into three types:

The first type is a slurry in the final stage of the product processing process, which is then fried at high temperature. The purpose of this slurry is to give the product a unique taste, attractive color, appearance, and crispy taste.

The second type is made by frying the middle layer of pulp during the product processing, which is then wrapped in dry powder or bread crumbs. The main function of this slurry is to increase the amount of wrapping powder or bread crumbs, improve yield, and provide a good taste for the product.

The third method is to use the slurry as the main body, add some other ingredients, and pour them into a mold for baking or frying to form.

Dry powder includes two types: pre coated powder and outer coated powder. Pre coated powder is a powder used in the product processing process, mainly to maintain the moisture content of the material itself and enhance the adhesion between the material and the coating. The use of pre powder has a certain impact on the taste of the product. Wrapping powder, as the name suggests, is a layer of powder at the end of the product processing process. Its main function is similar to wrapping paste, but it can provide the appearance and taste that wrap powder has.

The role of modified starch in fried powder and paste products

1. Improve the brittleness and crispness of fried products;

2. Reduce oil absorption rate, improve or construct the ideal appearance of the product;

3 Good aging resistance, no hardening and sticking during storage, and extended shelf life;

4 products have good film-forming, wrapping, and water retention properties, which can increase the yield of fried products and improve the taste of fried meat products;

5. It has good adhesion with fats, proteins, etc. in meat products to prevent product shelling after frying.

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