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Do you know how to choose modified starch?


Modified starch can maintain high viscosity stability of food under high temperature, high shear force, and low pH conditions, thereby maintaining its thickening ability.

When choosing modified starch, the following factors must be considered.

1. Selection of viscosity

Because the viscosity directly affects the expansion force and water retention performance of the product, a viscosity of 600-700Mpa is chosen S is more suitable. Of course, this is closely related to the shrinkage rate of the product, cooking temperature, storage environment, and other related factors. We should comprehensively consider and test the product's yield and other auxiliary packaging materials, and then conduct storage tests under different conditions to draw conclusions.

2. Transparency requirements

The quality of transparency directly affects the dominance of transparent products, but it is often closely related to the viscosity of the product. Therefore, grasping the relationship between the two is of great significance for producing a good product. Different manufacturers have accumulated a lot of experience in using starch.

3. Selection of gelatinization temperature

Choose according to the characteristics of different types of products. The high or low cooking temperature in the processing technology directly affects the characteristics of the selected materials. Taking meat products as an example, ham should be fully gelatinized at a temperature of around 75 ℃; For enema products, it is advisable to choose a thorough gelatinization temperature of around 80 ℃; The selection of high-temperature products has a higher gelatinization temperature, but a shorter gelatinization time, and the degree of gelatinization also affects the starch retrogradation of the product.

4. Requirements for whiteness

Taking meat products as an example, for non injectable products, adding pigments and combining them with process formulas can reduce the impact on whiteness. But for injection products, especially for some smaller manufacturers, if modified starch injection is used, if the whiteness is high, it is easy to cause adverse effects such as large color difference and splitting in the local section of the product. At the same time, the influence of viscosity on injection equipment should also be considered, and users need to continuously experiment, summarize and improve during production.

5. Types of modified starch

Different types of modified starch have significant differences in the taste and flavor of the product, as well as the retrogradation of the modified starch itself. It is necessary for every experimenter and producer to conduct in-depth and detailed research, and continuously collaborate with JINAN SPARK IMP&EXP CO, LTD. for communication.

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