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What is water-soluble starch?


Water soluble starch is a type of cassava starch, and I firmly believe that everyone is not very familiar with it. So what is water soluble cassava starch? What can water-soluble cassava starch be used for? Next, the article will provide a detailed introduction to what water-soluble cassava starch is. Interested users can take a look! Please take a look at the actual detailed introduction below.

Water soluble starch is a milky white or light yellow powder that is odorless and does not dissolve in cold water. It can become a fully transparent aqueous solution in boiling water and does not freeze after refrigeration. Generally, cassava starch from rice, corn, millet, and potatoes can be used to make water-soluble cassava starch, but the quality of water-soluble cassava starch made from sweet potato powder is the best. The particles of sweet potato flour are relatively coarse, and the adhesive paper wrapped on the outside is prone to cracking and drying during hydrolysis reactions. The production process involves taking a certain amount of sweet potato flour and sieving it through an 80 mesh fine sieve, placing it in a large vat, adding 8% -9% hydrochloric acid, stirring the aqueous solution to a thin and viscous consistency, pre soaking it at 40-45 ° C for 24 hours, or placing it at indoor temperature for 6-7 days. Stir every 2 hours, and after the pre immersion is completed, use the siphon method to drain the top fermentation liquid of the main cylinder. Then clean it with water multiple times, and continue stirring until there is no sulfate. Then, the package is adjusted, dehydrated and dried. Finally, the stone mill is used to grind the water soluble cassava starch according to the 100-120 mesh round hole sieve.

What can water-soluble cassava starch be used for?

Water soluble cassava starch can be used to make cold noodles. Liangpi is good in quality and cheap in price. The raw materials are easy to get and it is easy to make. It can be made in food factories or at home. Generally, 100 pieces of finished products weighing 150-170 grams per kilogram of sweet potato flour can be made, with specified dimensions, uniform thickness, smooth bottom plate, no missing corners, no crushing, and extensibility.

The production and processing process is as follows: weigh 1kg of sweet potato flour and 10kg of water, add them to the pot, mix and heat them while boiling until they are eight times complete. When the liquid is thick and stirring is difficult, add 30g of edible alkali to the pot, stir evenly, and cook again for a while. When stirring again feels light and easy, it indicates that it is cooked. Then, start the pot and pour it into a pre prepared container for refrigeration. Another way is to add 20kg of warm water and 40g of edible alkali to every 10kg of cassava starch, mix well, and then pour in 45kg of hot water. Mix while rinsing to make it even when exposed to heat. After being brewed, pour each into a box cover, flatten the surface, take it off after cooling, and cut it into pieces with a knife according to the specifications and models, which is the finished product.

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