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Application of Modified Starch in Rice and Noodle Products in the Food Industry


What is modified starch? What are the applications of modified starch in rice and flour products in the food industry? On the basis of the inherent characteristics of natural starch, physical, chemical or enzymatic treatment is used to introduce new functional groups or change the size and particle properties of starch molecules, thereby changing the natural characteristics of starch and making it more suitable for certain application requirements. This type of starch that undergoes secondary processing and changes its properties is collectively referred to as modified starch.

The application range of modified starch is very wide, but the food industry is its main application field. Let's take a look at the application of modified starch in rice and noodle products in the food industry.

First, it can reduce the amount of oil absorption, improve the crispness of pasta, and extend the storage time of products;

Secondly, in instant noodles, the chewiness, rehydration, and elasticity of noodles can be improved, reducing cooking time;

Thirdly, in fried instant noodles, they have a crispy structure and lower oil absorption, resulting in better product quality and storage stability;

Fourth, in the production of Rice noodles, as a tissue forming agent and adhesive, it can increase the smoothness and transparency of products, reduce viscosity, and improve the taste.

The above is an introduction to the application of modified starch in the food industry. If you want to learn more, you can consult Shijiazhuang Galaxy Modified Starch. We specialize in the production and sales of hydroxypropyl starch, water-soluble starch, corn starch, modified starch, and water-soluble starch, which are widely used in industries such as papermaking, textiles, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. Our products are sold to more than 20 manufacturers in Shaanxi, Shanghai, Hebei, Henan, Sichuan, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, and have received widespread praise from users.

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