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What is acid treated starch?


Acid treated starch, also known as acid modified starch, has many product advantages. Fupeng Biology will introduce to you.

Physical and chemical properties:

Acid treated starch is a white or almost white powder, odorless and tasteless, easily soluble in cold water, and begins to gelatinize at about 75 ℃. The viscosity of starch paste treated with the same concentration of acid is lower than that of similar raw starch. Gelatinization solution with concentration more than 10g/100mL can form gelled state after cooling.

Source and preparation method of acid treated starch:

Mix starch with water to form starch milk, continuously stir with hydrochloric acid for acidolysis treatment. After the reaction is completed, slowly neutralize it with a dilute alkaline solution, and then filter, wash, dry, crush and other processing steps to prepare it.

Main features of the product:

1. Low gelatinization temperature, low viscosity of hot paste, weak retrogradation, good acid resistance, and no change in starch properties under low pH conditions;

2. Starch paste has good film-forming properties, good fluidity, high transparency, strong permeability, uniform film formation, and is not easy to shrink or break;

3. It can be used as a good filler, thickener, and stabilizer to improve the elasticity and density of the product, and prevent thermal deformation;


It can be used for seasoning, soup, candy, ice cream, popsicles, ice cream, soft candy, beverage granules, etc., and can be used in moderation according to production needs.

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