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Application of Modified Starch in Meat Products


Modified starch is a type of starch that changes its properties after physical, chemical, or enzymatic treatment of natural starch. Compared to natural starch, it has stronger performance and stability, and therefore has a wider range of industry applications than natural starch.

One industry where modified starch is widely used is the meat product industry. Let's take a look at the application of modified starch (mainly esterified starch and cross-linked starch) in meat products.

A. As a water retaining agent in Dim sum filling, it can firm the tissue and improve the freeze-thaw stability of the product;

B. As a binder and tissue excipient in sausages, it can improve the juiciness of the product;

C. Make gel agent in Rice-meat dumplings and fish balls to make the products have good elasticity, bite force and stability;

D. Using water retaining agents and tissue excipients in ham and hot dogs can reduce wrinkles, improve the freeze-thaw stability and water retention of products.

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