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Application of Modified Starch in Baking Products


Modified starch is a type of starch product that undergoes secondary processing by using physical, chemical, or enzymatic methods to introduce new functional groups or change the size and particle properties of starch molecules, improve the performance of starch, expand its application range, and make it more suitable for certain application requirements.

Modified starch has a wide range of applications, with the food industry being the most important. Let's take a look at the application of modified starch in baked goods.

A. When used as a glaze agent in baked goods, it can form a clear, good, and bright film, which can replace expensive proteins and natural glue, saving production costs;

B. Used as a butter substitute in cake and sugar coating production, providing good capacity and structure, reducing the body's oil intake;

C. As a thickener and stabilizer in pies, fillings, and fruit cakes, it provides a smooth and short silk structure to prevent bursting and layering of the product.

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